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Counseling for Men
Charleston, SC

I am passionate about working with people, and especially men, who want to be more present, manage their mental health sustainably, and rediscover their direction in life.

Meet Your Counselor

Benjamin Fishbein, MA, LPC

My name is Benjamin Fishbein and I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in Charleston, SC. I provide in-person sessions at my office in West Ashley, virtual sessions throughout SC, and even out of the office walk-and-talk sessions in the Charleston area.  


The majority of my practice focuses on helping people, and especially men, who are going through a major life change and who feel “lost” or “stuck” in their present circumstances. People seek me out for a sustainable approach to healing from anxiety, depression, and grief.  


I offer mindfulness-based counseling to help people transform the way they relate to their own inner-experience. Let's explore ways to manage the sometimes messy and confusing parts of life.​

Counseling Services Tailored Specifically for Men.

I recognize the unique challenges that you may face as a man, particularly when it comes to talking about what is bothering you. I offer a free 15-minute consultation call to help you get started.

You may think that talking about the problem is not going to help, that you can get better on your own, or that you should just “get over” feeling sad, angry, and lonely.
Growing up you were told that you need to be strong and never show any emotions…and you were also probably told, maybe even today, that you need to open up and talk about your feelings. 
So, you may have gotten a few things off your chest to a partner, parent, or friend. But what happened when you did? If it didn’t go well, then your feelings were probably minimized, invalidated, or worse, used against you.

What could you achieve, what could you become without the hindrance of mental health challenges?

I understand you may be uncertain about the process of counseling.

Counseling is a place where you can work through what is bothering you, without being judged or told to feel different. Your feelings provide vital information about your well-being. You deserve to be heard and understood. Your health depends upon it. 

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