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  • Benjamin Fishbein

Estuary Counseling: Thoughts from a counselor inspired by the wisdom of nature.

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Welcome to Estuary Counseling

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...My name is Benjamin Fishbein and I am the owner of and counselor at Estuary Counseling. I provide professional counseling services to adults in the Charleston, SC area.

I have been asked at various times in my professional career: "why do you want to be a counselor?" I would like to introduce myself by answering this question.

My Background

I am fascinated by the way a well formulated question can shape and deepen a conversation. I am, after all, a counselor with a background in philosophy.

I studied the history of western thought as an undergraduate at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There we read and discussed the foundational texts of the western tradition, in chronological order, from Aristotle to Einstein. We were spectators of and participants in the philosophical, mathematical, scientific, religious, political, and literary dialogue that shaped our modern world.

We would always start a discussion class with a well formulated question designed to help us investigate the text. We even learned to read and translate Greek and French to further deepen our understanding and appreciation of the great ancient literary works. This was a "liberal" education in the truest sense because our goal was to liberate, or free, our minds through education.

I am also fascinated by the way people can learn to observe, accept, and even willingly embrace the difficulty in their lives. It amazes me that we have this capacity and that we can heal and grow and change as part of this process.

I am, after all, a mindfulness-based counselor, which means that my practice of counseling is informed by own practice of mindfulness and meditation.

As a graduate student, I studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. There we learned to be professional counselors who could not only integrate mindfulness practice into our work, but also incorporate our connection to the natural world as a factor in healing. We would often say, "Nature is my co-therapist." We even learned how to provide counseling treatment in nature through various experiential courses taught directly in the field, such as on a river trip, while hiking, or in a garden.

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